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Statement by Michel Barnier at the press conference following the General Affairs Council (Art. 50)

Ladies and gentlemen,

From the day the UK decided to leave, the EU has gone through an intense preparatory process.

We are ready and well-prepared:

• We have a clear mandate supported by all 27 Member States.

• We have a solid resolution from the European Parliament.

• We have excellent working relations between all EU institutions.

• We have a negotiation team. All structures are in place.

The new Brexit Council working group will meet tomorrow already. In the course of the next few days we will finalise our negotiating positions on the key subjects for the first phase of the negotiations.

These positions will then be sent to the UK. I expect this to happen very quickly, very quickly, after the elections.

In line with our transparency policy, we will publish our position papers and negotiating documents.

I hope to organise the first round of negotiations as soon as possible, hopefully in the week of 19 June.

I would like to be able to give a first report to the European Council on 22-23 June, exactly one year after the date of the referendum and less than three months after Theresa May’s notification letter.

I hope to see our British colleagues at the negotiation table as soon as possible. And look forward to work in a positive atmosphere to find common ground.

Compliments of the European Parliament