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White Paper on the Future of Europe

The European Commission just published its White Paper on the Future of Europe. The White Paper is the European Commission contribution to the upcoming Rome Summit, the moment when the EU will discuss its achievements of the past 60 years but also its future at 27. It maps out the drivers of change in the next decade and presents a range of five scenarios for how Europe could evolve by 2025. It marks the beginning of a process for the EU 27 to decide on the future of their Union.
To encourage this debate, the European Commission, together with the European Parliament and interested Member States, will host a series of ‘Future of Europe Debates’ across Europe’s cities and regions. The European Commission will also contribute to the debate in the months to come with a series of reflection papers. President Juncker’s State of the Union speech in September 2017 will take these ideas forward before first conclusions could be drawn at the December 2017 European Council. This will help to decide on a course of action to be rolled out in time for the European Parliament elections in June 2019.
Compliments of the European Commission