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DS-Concept Joins Factors Chain International

As of January, 2015 DS-Concept has officially joined Factors Chain International (FCI). Established in 1968, FCI is a global network of leading factoring companies whose common aim is to facilitate international trade through factoring and related financial services. Currently, the FCI network consists of  271 factors in 73 countries, actively engaged in more than 80% of the world’s cross-border factoring volume.

“We are excited to join FCI and believe that our involvement will help DS-Concept further promote the benefits of international factoring on a global scale”, states Chris Chang, Managing Director of USA & China. “FCI’s global network of first-class factoring companies will be a great resource for our team and we look forward to harvesting many mutually beneficial relationships.”

The DS-Concept Group is a member of the European American Chamber of Commerce in New York. The company maintains a network of offices and affiliates all over the world, including USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, UK, China and the United Arab Emirates as well as the headquarters in Germany. Combining credit protection, collections, and financing into a single suite of trade finance products, DS-Concept brings streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters