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E-Government: Top marks for Austria once again

An increasing number of online services are becoming available in the EU. This was the conclusion of the so-called E-Government Benchmark study carried out by the IT consulting company Capgemini and published by the EU Commission.

Austria continues to clearly outperform the European average in the E-Government Benchmark 2014 report. For example, some 90 percent of official documents are accessible online in Austria. Austria was also praised in the study for the availability of key technologies such as the mobile phone signature as a means of providing secure identification as well as the electronic data safe. Austria was ranked among the top five in the EU with respect to two indicators, namely transparency and key technologies.

Austria has a long tradition in performing well in E-Government rankings. Austria was also in top ranks of the six-country comparison of online services included in the eGovernment Monitor 2013 by Initiative D21 and ipima. Austria was also given the Public Service Award of the United Nations in the category “Improving the Delivery of Public Services”.