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EU Expects to Add Nearly 3 Million Jobs in App Sector over Next Four Years

According to a new report released by the European Commission, by 2018 the EU’s “app economy” could employ 4.8 million people (up from around 1.8 million) and contribute €63 billion (more than $80 billion) to the EU economy.
Currently, EU and North American developers each generate around 42 percent of app revenues in crucial EU and US markets.

Key findings from the study include:

EU games app developers lead the field:
28 EU companies created 40 percent of the top 100 grossing apps in the EU and U.S. Three of the top five companies are Nordic games developers (1st, 2nd, Supercell, 5th Rovio), with German, French, Spanish, and UK app developers also finding success outside their native markets.

Growing market, growing jobs: In 2013, European developers earned €11.5 billion (nearly $15 billion) making apps for consumer goods, banking, media, retail, and other clients. By 2018, this market is expected to generate up to €46 billion (nearly $60 billion) and could create millions of jobs.

In order to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the digital economy, the EU already is working to boost digital skills (including coding) at all levels; enhance the environment for innovation, making Europe more startup-friendly; and turn Europe into a “connected continent,” with excellent, cost-effective wireless connectivity, including connections that  work easily across borders, apps, and services.

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