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EU to kick off fourth European Semester

The European Commission will adopt a number of documents to mark the start of the fourth European Semester for economic policy coordination in the EU.

The Annual Growth Survey will set out general economic priorities for Member States to follow when drawing up their budgets and reform plans over the next year.

The Alert Mechanism Report will screen EU economies for potential macroeconomic imbalances, and indicate which economies require further analysis. This year the Annual Growth Survey will be accompanied by the draft Joint Employment Report, which for the first time will include a scoreboard on employment and social policies, as well as a staff working document outlining how the country-specific recommendations have been implemented in the Member States. Finally, the Single Market Integration Report will take stock of progress in the single market in sectors that are essential to promote future growth. The package will be presented in a press conference by President Barroso, Vice-President Rehn and Commissioner Andor today (around 14:00, time to be confirmed).

Further information will be available during the press conference: European Semester 2014 press release, Third Alert Mechanism Report factsheet, Draft Joint Employment Report frequently asked questions and Economic Governance factsheet. The press statements from President Barroso , Vice-President Rehn and Commissioner Andor will be available after delivery.

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