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European Parliament elects Juncker Commission

Today, the European Parliament gave its strong support to the new European Commission with 423 votes in favour, 209 against and 67 abstentions.

The Juncker Commission can thus start its term of office on 1 November 2014.

President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker said: “After a long democratic journey, today my team crossed the finishing line. I feel honoured that my Commission has received the democratic backing of the European Parliament. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get down to work: to kick-start economic recovery, create more and better jobs, address the plight of Europe’s youth for a better future, protect the most vulnerable in our society and cope with the rapidly deteriorating geopolitical situation. Together, we will succeed.”

Next Steps

Now that the European Parliament has given its consent, the European Council will formally appoint the European Commission, in line with Article 17(7) TEU.


Today’s vote marks the last step in the process leading up to the new European Commission. Following the first pan-European election campaign, Jean-Claude Juncker was proposed on 27 June by the European Council to the European Parliament as candidate for Commission President. The European Council thereby took the result of the elections to the European Parliament into account, as required under Article 17(7) of the Treaty on European Union.

On 15 July, Mr Juncker was then elected by the European Parliament by a strong majority of 422 votes (he needed a majority of 376 votes), on the basis of the Political Guidelines he presented to the Parliament.

Following this election and an interview process of candidates for Commissioners, the President-elect selected the other members of the Commission. The final list of Commissioners-designate was then agreed between the President-elect and the Council on 5 September. President-elect Juncker presented his team and the allocation of portfolios on 10 September which was followed by individual hearings of the Commissioners-designate in front of the relevant European Parliament committees.

On this basis, and following some adjustments in Mr. Juncker’s team (see IP/14/1163 and SPEECH/14/705), the European Parliament today gave its consent to the entire College with 423 votes in favour (out of 699 votes).


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