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Granito: Access to Angel Investors & Other Funding Opportunities

GRANITO appreciates that regardless of how unhealthy a country’s economy is, changing the place of home-country manufacturing may either not be feasible or in fact the best way to increase profits. Where locale is set, and costs are as low as possible, sales must increase, normally in a foreign territory. This often presents the need to identify new funding opportunities to support the process of internazionalization. GRANITO understands there tends to be truth in the old saying “It takes money to make money”. 

GRANITO supports its corporate clients in finding appropriate ways to obtain funding in non-traditional channels, including being well networked into multiple Angel Investor groups, who similarly seek opportunities to use their money to grow as an investment for themselves.

In that regard, GRANITO was pleased this past week to participate in a Milan symposium hosted by an association of Angel Investors in Europe, whose available funds target those companies looking to commence a new business.

Ongoing businesses receive attention during GRANITO’s monthly in house business advisors’ meetings where existing companies having come to GRANITO for assistance are evaluated for their potential, and matched with resources available to GRANITO’s network, including those who are experienced in growing or merging a business and who look to re-invest their time or capital in various industries.

GRANITO welcomes existing business looking to expand and in need of like minded, experienced and successful participants to grow globally with them in 2013. To contact Granito visit: