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Granito Assists Start-ups via CrowdFunding

GRANITO assists SMEs across Europe in identifying possible sources of funding to support the entrepreneurial initiatives through traditional and non-traditional channels of funding.

Moving beyond banks in an economic environment where traditional banking sources have dried up, GRANITO provides guidance for accessing national and EU funds and uses CrowdFunding as an additional alternative.

According to some sources, more than 50% of the available CrowdFunding platforms are based in Europe, with progressive initiatives being utilized to take full advantage of the public advertising that necessarily takes place in the process.

Following on GRANITO’s belief that CrowdFunding acts as a market test for start-ups, it has aligned its interests with those organizations that propose CrowdFunding contests as an opportunity to acquire not only funds and financing, but also those services that the business idea needs in order to be developed.

GRANITO welcomes companies that look for alternative funding sources to grow globally with them in 2014.