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Granito Goes Social

Granito Corporate Advisories announces the creation of a corporate social learning platform. This instructional platform’s goal is to enable small and mid-size companies to stabilize and develop staff talent and facilitate growth, especially those looking to internationalize. It is designed especially for companies currently unable to afford available enterprise-grade social networking applications.

Using existing free social medium platforms, GRANITO focuses on teaching an enterprise wide awareness of, and participation in, fundamental business tools such as mentoring, brain-storming, networking and team leadership.  With this new service, GRANITO will be working with small and mid-size companies where there is a need for social learning due either to cultural issues resulting from existing or anticipated cross-border locations, or the host country’s historical social learning culture.

GRANITO invites all small and mid-size companies with an appetite to learn on their own to grow globally with them in 2014.