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Granito goes to North-East Africa & South America

Following on its success in Mexico, GRANITO expands exporting by bringing Italian SMEs in the Made in Italy food product sector into North-East Africa and South America.

In partnership with Massimo Iacono & Partners (MI&P), a consultancy and general management firm having a leading experience in global marketing and venture management, GRANITO will support Italian companies in expanding into non-traditional and emerging markets in areas such as Columbia, Sudan and North-East Africa, who are requesting  Made in Italy  food products.

Together, GRANITO and MI&P are creating new business opportunities overseas as an offset to a market crisis within Italy.

GRANITO welcomes those companies interested in exporting Made in Italy food products to North-East Africa and South America to grow globally with them in 2014.

Granito is  member of EACCNY.