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New York Grant Company Announcement: International Women’s Enterprise Challenge

If you have a woman-owned small business here in New York, or if you know a woman who owns a small business, we strongly encourage applications to IWEC:  the International Women’s Enterprise Challenge. 

The New York Grant Company, as an awardee of this program in 2012, knows firsthand how it offers a strong boost to woman-owned businesses.  Initiated and sponsored by the US Department of State, the program awards and recognizes three selected businesses from the US every year. In November 2014, those businesses will join with dozens of others in Stockholm for a training seminar and awards ceremony.

The New York Grant Company, a EACCNY member, remains as a supporter, mentor, and sponsor of IWEC as part of its alumni peer support.  We would be happy to speak with any woman business owner if she may want to apply.

Please click here for the application, and below is a description of the program.  Initial applications are due May 1, 2014.

The International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge was established in Barcelona in 2007, with the goal of connecting small & mid-size women business owners globally – those who are already in the global marketplace & want to expand, or are ripe to get into the market and learn from other women leaders. 

Also the goal is to “pay it forward” with the IWEC mentorship program. ‘Dreams Beyond Borders.” The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce in India/FLO and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce originated this initiative and were quickly joined by The US State Department and Cape Chamber of Commerce.

Each year a new country is added to the roster and currently we have representation from: Barcelona, NYC/US, India, Sweden, Peru, Central Asian countries, South Africa and other African countries.  In addition, three women’s business associations are engaged with IWEC and also nominate one awardee: Women Presidents Organization, WeConnect International and United Success.

The 2014 Annual IWEC Conference will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from Nov. 16th-19th.

Three awardees are chosen by the individual chambers and, along with chamber executives, they are invited to participate in the annual conference to receive their award and to network and share best practices. 

Conferences to date have been held in Barcelona, NYC, New Delhi, India, Cape Town, South Africa and Lima, Peru.

Why should you apply?  If chosen, you have the opportunity to:

  • gain further international recognition for your business
  • network with potential strategic partners and clients
  • share and learn from best practices to help your business grow globally
  • share your corporate responsibility/mentorship programs and learn of others from awardees
  • connect with a network of other awardees/chambers and be a part of the IWEC family

Please visit to find out more information about the organization, past conferences and listings of past awardees from around the globe.