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A very Special Moment for Sixième Son

By Michaël Boumendil, Managing Director & Founder, Sixieme Son – A member of the EACCNY

I want to share a funny adventure that has just happened to us. It has been in the press but I wanted to tell you the story directly.

At a time when preparations began for the 20th anniversary of Sixième Son, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd offered us a wonderful gift. David is not only singer and guitarist for Pink Floyd, he’s a legend, he is a jeweler of sound. And, to make a long story short, he made a call to Sixième Son.

Two years ago, on a visit to France, David fell in love with the audio identity of our national railroad, SNCF. He contacted me and asked proposed to write the sequel in the form of a song, which we would co-write.
Up until last month, when David welcomed me into his London home to share the mix of the song, I suspected it was a joke, that the piece would never see the day. That I would awaken from this dream.

But, finally, no, it was not a joke.

Not only did the single come out on Friday, in a worldwide release, but it’s going to be the title song for the David Gilmour album that millions of fans have awaited for 10 years. As the cherry on top, the title is co-published by Pink Floyd and Sixième Son.

Fans can find the song here:
or on youtube: You can hear it here:

I could tell you what David said about Sixième Son work – reiterated again Friday morning live on BBC – but that’s almost impossible as it is both flattering and surreal. I could tell you so many things, our discussions with David, this strange collaboration, but I will not know where to start.

I just wanted to involve you in this exceptional moment, you who have supported Sixième Son, it’s thanks to you that our agency has built this unique expertise. We will have all the opportunity to celebrate at the party’s 20th anniversary of the agency, on October 14.

You’re invited to the festivities. If you’re planning to come to Paris, be sure to take a train ride. Evidently, it’s an inspiring experience.

Warmest regards,
Michaël Boumendil