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Agreement strengthens EY position as a leader in digital analytics and big data services for compelling customer experiences

EY announces that the team from Society Consulting, a US-based market-leading analytics and big data consulting firm in Seattle, Washington, has joined Ernst & Young LLP in the US.

Society Consulting is known for aggregating, organizing and visualizing companies’ data to improve the customer experience for its clients across a variety of media channels, and creating scalable, actionable analytics solutions that span all customer touch points. Its services include web development, dynamic content strategy, content management, personalization, segmentation and campaign execution.

The Society Consulting team brings new depth to EY’s market-leading offerings in digital analytics, analytics managed services and big data services. EY will leverage the Society Consulting team’s experience to help clients design, build and deploy a complete set of experiences for customers, employees, providers and other stakeholders.

Saj Usman, EY Americas Advisory Data and Analytics Leader, says:

“Our clients want to become more data-driven and often ask for the best way to leverage all their data, how to make sense of it, and what capabilities they need to transform their company and drive consistent, sustained value by becoming a more data-driven business. With the Society Consulting team as part of EY, we can enhance clients’ digital experiences by harnessing world class technology delivery, data science and data architecture capabilities.”

Chad Richeson, formerly CEO of Society Consulting, says:

“In today’s market, it’s not good enough to have a digital strategy or merely act like a digital company. It’s about having a business strategy that’s built to operate in a digital world. By joining EY, we can reach out to more clients, helping them to reach knowledge-based, insight-driven decisions and make the most of their troves of data to improve experiences across the board.”

Steve Watson, EY Global Performance Improvement Leader, Advisory Services, says:

“With the Society Consulting team joining EY, we further enhance our ability to help clients maximize the value of their data for knowledge-based, insight-driven decisions that enable them to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. Through other highly synergistic combinations — including with Seren, NorthPoint Digital, Intuitive Company, Bedrock Consultants, Bluestone Consulting, C3 and others — EY has developed a wide breadth of services in the digital space.”

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