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Alix Partners 2017 Global Anti-corruption Survey: lost business, dissolved partnerships, and data’s critical role

For Alix’s fifth annual global anti-corruption survey, they polled more than 300 general counsel and compliance officers on the impact that corruption risk has on their businesses. The report explores the challenges facing corporate legal departments today and why technology and data analysis continue to play an important role in managing risk.

At a glance

• 93% of survey respondents say they expect the challenges associated with moving data across borders to increase or stay the same.
• 37% say their companies pulled out of or delayed an acquisition because of corruption risk.
• 31% say their companies have lost business during the past 12 months because of a government bribery problem—an 8% uptick from 2016.
• 42% of survey respondents say their companies stopped doing business with business partners because of corruption risk—up from 32% in 2016.

Read the results of the survey here