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BOS Container USA – NEW: US inventory

BOS Container USA is happy to announce its new US inventory.

BOS Quick Build Containers are manufactured in Germany. BOS Container USA, LLC (BOS USA) represents the factory in the USA, Canada and abroad. BOS USA is looking to develop long term B2B partners. Some of the industries we Service are Construction, Special Events, Fire and Flood Remediation, Self-Storage, Portable Storage, etc.

New inventory:

Until now, a typical client has ordered a full sea container shipment of BOS Containers (e.g. 28 units of 10’x7’ containers). Starting in 2017, BOS USA is stocking inventory in five US locations, enabling clients to access smaller orders and speed up lead time. The inventory locations are Elizabeth, NJ – Elk Grove Village, IL – Atlanta, GA – Flower Mound, TX – Carson, CA.

The standard inventory units are 7’×7′, 10’×7′ and 13’×7’, including accessories such as shelving systems, access ramps, hose racks, clothing racks and a tool rails.

All inventoried Containers will have the following standard features and accessories: Double Door, Anti-Condensation Coating, Security Lock, and Four Corner Caps.

Compliments of BOS USA – a member of the EACCNY