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Cross-Border Investigations Not at Cross-Purposes

Cross-Border Investigations are a new global phenomenon. At intervals that are getting shorter and shorter, European and American newspapers write about investigating authorities which are conducting supervisory or criminal law investigations against multinational companies and their boards. Recent developments – especially the Volkswagen investigation as a prime example – make it clear, that companies and their directors should get a feeling for this sensitive and present issue.

This papers aim is to give you a short overview about the legal prerequisites for internal investigations in Europe and how to handle cross-border issues that can arise during national investigations. Therefor you will find information on how to conduct an effective investigation and how compliance programs can be successfully integrated into the corporate structure.

In order to give you a broad overview the paper will point out – where it is possible – substantive differences between the US and EU. An increased awareness regarding the risks of liability and reach of investigations can be a start to minimize both civil and criminal law risks.

EACC NY Cross Border Handout December 2015

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