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Foreign Policy Releases May/June Spy Issue

Spies and spycraft fuel the imagination with intrigue—whether it’s the world’s fascination with a fictional James Bond or with a real-world Edward Snowden.

Today, Foreign Policy released the May/June issue, diving into the issues behind today’s “Golden Age of Surveillance” and exploring what espionage means to global security.

In this 88-page Spy Issue, FP writers and contributors examine the spy game in the 21st Century as “nations expend vast treasure and take extreme risks to root out secrets.”


• Trevor Aaronson looks at how the FBI’s counterterrorism program pays hefty sums to former criminals – including sex offenders – to help nail terrorists.
• James Bamford reveals an unlikely militarized spying hub: the Arctic, in his piece Frozen Assets.
• FP’s Yochi Dreazen and Seán D. Naylor trace the CIA’s role in post 9/11 foreign policy and how it may shape the future of the Middle East.
• Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin provide an artistic graphic look at a new era of Russian snooping that relies on facial recognition techniques.
• FP’s Editor and CEO, David Rothkopf, analyzes the U.S. intelligence community and says it is in need of an overhaul.

All this and more: On newsstands today.

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