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Global economic uncertainty opens a raft of opportunities for distressed investors

The concept of distressed investing in Europe is not new. We have operated in an environment of extreme financial volatility from a debt market perspective since the early 1980s.

Yet the last six to eight years have proven more complex for investors. The sheer scale of the economic crisis, unprecedented quantitative easing, and a period of interest rate depression may not be witnessed again for generations.

We now find ourselves in the midst of continuing global economic uncertainty, Eurozone and sovereign debt travails, likely protracted post-referendum Brexit negotiations, a correction in Chinese demand, and a significant volume of non-performing loan assets on bank balance sheets. All of this will likely produce a raft of opportunities for distressed investors.

For further background, we have written a chapter titled “Investing in distressed debt in Europe: an overview” in Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe: The TMA Handbook for Practitioners, which was published this month by Globe Law and Business.
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Authored by Contact chapter authors for more information: Tom Cox, Damian Malone, and Mark Sinjakli.
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