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Mathilde Defarges of Arcturus Group Named Strategic Advisor to Blue Star Strategies, LLC

Firms to collaborate on driving Transatlantic policy and investment

Blue Star Strategies, LLC announced that Mathilde Defarges, Partner at Arcturus Group, will serve as strategic advisor for France and Brussels to the firm.

Ms. Defarges will work with Blue Star Strategies to drive Transatlantic policy and investment by supporting European clients with interests in the United States and North American clients with interests in France and Brussels. She will continue to serve as partner at Arcturus Group from her Paris and Brussels offices.

“We are delighted to have Mathilde serve as strategic advisor in France and Brussels to our firm,” said Sally Painter, Chief Operating Officer of Blue Star Strategies. “With our long-standing work in Europe and deep commitment to Transatlantic relations and investment, we look forward to working with Arcturus Group to help European clients enter, navigate, and succeed in the complex U.S. marketplace and public policy arena.”

“I am thrilled that we are teaming up with such a renowned and respected U.S. firm as Blue Star Strategies,” said Mathilde Defarges, Partner at Arcturus Group. “Their political and policy acumen in the U.S. at the highest levels combined with their results-oriented approach comes at just the right time to be supporting Transatlantic policy and business and will be an immediate asset for U.S. oriented clients based in France and Europe.”

ARCTURUS GROUP is a public affairs firm operating in five European offices—Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, and Warsaw. The consultancy represents its clients’ interests to the European and national public authorities and allows its clients to expand into new markets by identifying strategic institutional levers.

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