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New IIE Report: “Generation Study Abroad: Year One Impact”

Released at the IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad, this impact report spotlights examples of Generation Study Abroad commitment partners who have made noteworthy progress to date and details what they have committed to accomplish to help double the number of U.S. students going abroad by the end of the decade.

Highlights from the report:

•  More than 600 commitment partners have pledged to expand study abroad opportunities.
•  Partners have committed $185 million in financial support over the next five years.
•  84% of the U.S. colleges and universities plan to create or expand scholarships for underrepresented study abroad students, such as minority or ethnically diverse students or first generation students.
•  64% of the U.S. institutions are increasing the number of academic programs (certificates, minors or majors) that require or offer a study abroad component.

To download the full report, click here

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