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News Update Netherlands – EU New York edition

Big Data and value based thresholds in the EU

Authorities in Europe are debating the role of Big Data in merger control. The debate has been triggered by a concern about the market power that companies can obtain from their ownership of data – perhaps helped by strong feelings about privacy issues – and the frustration that certain high value deals involving Big Data companies nearly escaped European merger control.

 Read Houthoff Buruma’s briefing on this topic here.

Houthoff Buruma’s vision on the Dutch M&A Market

Alexander Kaarls, Jetty Tukker and Willem Liedenbaum present their vision on the current Dutch M&A market in Global Legal Insights – Mergers & Acquisitions. The chapter regarding the Netherlands can be found here.

Commission proposes simpler and more efficient derivatives rules

On 4 May 2017 the European Commission proposed some targeted reforms to improve the functioning of the derivatives market in the EU. The reforms provide simpler and more proportionate rules for over-the-counter derivatives to reduce costs and regulatory burdens for market participants without compromising financial stability. The proposal introduces more proportionate rules for corporates. It re-focuses the scope of the clearing obligation for financial counterparties to include some additional relevant market players while exempting the smallest financial counterparties. Read more.

Did you know that…

The Wolfsonian in Miami Beach is currently exhibiting Modern Dutch Design. During the period 1890–1940, the Netherlands built a reputation—which it still holds today—as a center for innovative design. Visit before June 11 this summer if you are interested in how Dutch designers, architects, and artists responded to radical shifts in social and political life during this period.