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NOERR London Office Now Open

Seamless International Service
in Cooperation with “Best Friends”

Noerr LLP is pleased to announce that our London office is open for business and we can now provide our clients with advice on the central practice areas of German law through our London office.

Our new London office will deliver the following benefits to our clients and our partner law firms:

  • Seven practice areas:
    – M&A
    – Banking Law & Financing
    – Debt Restructuring & Corporate Rescues
    – Insurance & Reinsurance
    – International Litigation & Arbitration
    – Media & Entertainment
    – Real Estate
  • Ad hoc desks in London as required for advice on Central and Eastern European (CEE) law. Lawyers will be available from all CEE jurisdictions in which Noerr has offices:
    – Czech Republic
    – Hungary
    – Poland
    – Romania
    – Russia
    – Slovakia
    – Ukraine
  • For complex transactions or projects we can provide:
    – initial advice on strategic issues
    – analysis of legal support requirements
    – central coordination of teams and specialists in Germany, the continent and beyond as lead
    counsel in cross-border projects
  • The continuation of our longstanding “best friends” relationships with leading law firms in London. We will not be providing advice on English law.
  • Stronger links with clients and partner law firms with even closer professional and personal cooperation.
  • An enhanced service with “one-stop shop” advice, one fee agreement, one-stop client reporting and one invoice.