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Pepper Hamilton Formalizes Cannabis Industry Group

Law Firm Leverages Experience in Legal Marijuana Industry

Building on the firm’s already deep experience in the legal marijuana business, Pepper Hamilton has announced the formalization of its Cannabis Industry Group. Comprising attorneys from several key practice areas, the newly formed group will advise on all aspects of the burgeoning cannabis industry, from entity formation and capital raises through patent protection and regulatory compliance.

The Cannabis Industry Group is led by Alva Mather, Jay Dubow and Michael Jones. Attorneys from a variety of practice areas make up the multidisciplinary team, including those with experience in health sciences, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property protection and alcohol and food regulations. The breadth and depth of experience of the group’s members will allow the team to help clients navigate the conflicting and rapidly changing regulatory regimes governing the cannabis industry at both the state and federal level.

“With our deep experience working in the cannabis industry and our team’s extensive knowledge of the field, the development of the Cannabis Industry Group is a natural next step for Pepper,” said partner Alva Mather. “Our multidisciplinary practice will allow us to offer clients a customized strategy to the most pressing legal issues they face.”

The Group will advise entities across the gamut of the legal marijuana business, from growers and dispensaries to technology companies and investors. Its work will address five key areas of need for businesses in this industry: corporate (entity formation and capital raises), regulatory (licensing and compliance for marijuana cultivation and dispensaries), white collar and criminal issues (state and federal regulations on the industry), labor and employment (equity incentive, noncompete issues and labor union agreements), and intellectual property (patent applications, trademark filings and agreements).

“One of the greatest challenges facing businesses is the rapidly evolving law governing the industry,” said partner Michael Jones. “Companies entering the cannabis industry and companies looking to transact with others in the industry need counsel with real cannabis experience who understand how the regulations affect them.”

Current members of the Cannabis Industry Group have worked extensively in the legal marijuana business on a wide range of projects, including:

  • Representing several Pennsylvania-based companies seeking medical marijuana grower and dispensary licenses in the state
  • Representing a New York-based company focused on scientific and medical research into cannabinoids
  • Providing corporate and IP counseling to a pharmaceutical company that is developing synthetic versions of cannabis compounds
  • Offering corporate and IP advice to a biotech company that is developing unique cannabinoid-based therapies for difficult-to-treat and deadly forms of cancer
  • Advising a real estate developer on zoning, land use and other matters related to the planned development of a medical marijuana cultivation, processing and distribution facility in Pennsylvania

“We have been working in this field for years,” said partner Jay Dubow. “Our formalization as a distinct group is a recognition of the experience we have already developed, and a signal that we are committed to further expanding our work in the industry in the years ahead.”

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