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Prestige Capital is Happy to Graduate the Following Clients–Step Up for Your Diplomas

Many companies seek Prestige Capital’s services during times of change in their company…as a bridge to various types of financing. With no monthly minimums, and contracts that can be as short as 3 months in certain circumstances, Prestige is poised to assist a client with immediate liquidity when needed. When the client accomplishes their intended goal, they can “graduate” from our program.


After 13 months a Pickle Company is graduating to a strategic partnership with one of their production arms and no longer needs to factor.

After 14 months a Trade Store magazine grew it’s sales and profitability, sold a profitable division and used the proceeds to pay off their factoring facility as they were now flush with cash.

After 4 months a Fashion Magazine who had utilized Prestige to pay off their small bank credit line (due to default) had  an abundance of  liquidity by factoring their receivables and being  so flush with cash they attracted a celebrity investor, therefore no longer needing a working capital facility.

Congratulations to these and the rest of our graduates… at work and at home!

Compliments of Prestige Capital – A member of the EACCNY.