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Publication: New Economy

Rapid developments in technology, regulation and politics are changing the way organisations do business and we can expect more changes to come in the years ahead. These pose some interesting questions. How should businesses react in such uncertain times? How can policymakers create the right environment to help them to flourish? In simple terms, what should Britain’s post-Brexit economy look like?

A new economy is needed. One which makes the most of Britain’s talents, skills and entrepreneurialism across the entire country and is not solely reliant on any sector or region. 

To create a truly sustainable and balanced new economy, which is outward-looking and helps its home-grown businesses expand abroad, we believe there are three pieces of the jigsaw that policy makers must put together:

  1. Encourage mid-sized, fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses in the UK, who are an essential and dynamic element of the UK economy. 
  2. Create sector and geographic powerhouses to drive UK growth.
  3. Ensure open and simple access to world markets and global talent for businesses with overseas interests.

We’ll be talking to our people, industry groups, businesses, policy makers, economists and entrepreneurs to share their ideas and refine our thinking over the next months. Be part of the conversation and contribute your ideas.

Visit BDO’s New Economy microsite to read about BDO’s vision for a new economy and see where your business fits in.

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