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Team as a Service – Turnkey Web- and Mobile Development Resources for your specific needs

Due to the digital revolution driving global economy, there is a shortage of skilled and reliable web- and mobile software developers globally. According to a European Commission report, by 2020, 900,000 qualified ICT professionals will be missing from the market in Europe alone, whereby demand for skilled developers will be likely even higher in the USA.

Successful businesses need to stay ahead of their competition through digital transformation and the introduction of new digital solutions and services to their clients, however, acquiring the resources and the know-how to achieve this is getting harder every day. Hiring an in-house team of developers can have a lot of risks and difficulties, such as:

  • extremely long recruiting times
  • additional special training efforts after on-boarding
  • handling all HR related questions
  • high staff engagement cost
  • high risk and cost of fluctuation
  • building up a team with a balanced skillset.

Would CTOs and CIOs want to avoid the risks and stress caused by the above difficulties, Attrecto, a Deloitte Tech Fast 50 listed innovator in developing next tech digital experiences with 100+ successful projects globally has just the solution: the Team as a Service (TaaS) model.

In the TaaS model clients may benefit already a few weeks after the first contact from the experience of our seasoned professionals and proven software development processes without having to find, hire, train and assimilate individual developers into their own organization.

Attrecto’s TaaS resources are a cohesive and trained team of cross-platform coders, UI/UX designers, QA professionals and support engineers with the desired skills (including PM).

Bottom-line client advantages of the Attrecto TaaS model:

  • We provide seasoned teams with established processes, not just skilled individuals
  • Teams are quickly scalable (both up and down)
  • We meet (or even beat) US and Western European quality standards with a significant cost advantage (of up to 40% – 50%)
  • Our teams are lead by TaaS managers, who are professionals capable of handling all aspects of the operation, enabling a smooth and effective contribution
  • All teams are SCRUM experts and use the agile approach making development transparent, flexible and efficient

In case you have, or anticipate more workload than you can handle in your organization in terms of web- or mobile development projects, let us jump on a call and discuss how the TaaS of Attrecto may help you out!

You can reach out to schedule a call at, or just follow us on LinkedIn not to miss any of the upcoming news and updates about and around Attrecto.

Compliments of Attrecto – a member of the EACCNY

About Attrecto

Founded in 2010, Attrecto is regarded by clients in Europe and the U.S. as innovators in developing next tech digital experiences — developing and applying new and emerging mobile, web, and digital technologies in ingenious and powerful ways. We help conceive, plan, develop, and apply optimized B2C and B2B multi platform mobile, web and other digital experiences, including apps, and related server-side solutions.

Headquartered in Hungary, our multilingual experts have delivered over 100 projects using the coolest, latest technologies for some of the great global customer brand names such as Audi, Telenor, SAP, GE, AIG, Humana, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as some of the most respected digital agencies in Europe and the US, as well as for midsize companies, smaller enterprises and startups. These results have led to our inclusion on the 2016 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 List, ranking as the 18th fastest growing technology company in the central European region.

Our name means “touch” – referring to the interface between the human user and the code. Our capabilities extend far beyond the code itself. We produce user-friendly and intuitive apps and solutions that are truly enjoyed by people for their look, feel, colors and functionality – not just merely “used.” We provide three client service offerings — Digital Discovery, Technology Consulting, and Custom Web and Mobile App/Software/Solution Development, including Outsourced Development (under the TaaSe Model). We deliver for clients significant cost advantages, time accelerated solutions, measurable business value and heightened ROI.