Member News

The Future is Bright because of your Support

NEW YORK, NY, USA –  This time of year is always a period for reflection, and even more so it is a time to look to the future, which is our focus here at Headquarters.

The World Trade Center Association is looking forward to all of the exciting changes and enhancements they are planning for Members in the new year, and even more anxious to get started. But of course none of that is possible without the financial contributions of our Members.

As they look to build a stronger network, helping your businesses, organizations and communities thrive, they have to be able to count on the prompt and thorough payment of membership dues. What they are able to construct together is entirely dependent on this financial foundation.

Invoices for 2017 have been sent out, and the sooner we receive your annual membership contributions the sooner they can get started on the dynamic programming and enhancements they have in store. If you have not received your invoice just yet, please be in touch with HQ and they will get them to you immediately.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with each and every one you—our Members—to realize the full potential of our organization. This is a vision I know you share. So thank you from all of us at Headquarters for all that you do, and best wishes for a healthy and happy end of 2016 and a prosperous New Year.”

Compliments of WTCA – a member of the EACCNY