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Value Creation in a Low-Growth World

How can companies identify value-creating opportunities in a global economy that is increasingly shaped by disruptive technologies and new ways of doing business?

At an event hosted by AlixPartners in New York entitled Value Creation Amid Global Disruption, we gathered influential speakers and corporate leaders to try to answer that question. Together with ABC News chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, AT&T senior vice president and chief security officer Ed Amoroso, and GoCoin CEO and founder Steve Beauregard, we discussed how even the most devastating manifestations of disruption offer unique opportunities for value creation.

I invite you to view our latest series of video clips and reports, which explore how business leaders can unlock creative ways to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in disruption to build resilience, harness complexity, master globalization, and ultimately create value in a low-growth world.


Building Resilience

Insight: Creatively Overcoming Disruption
Video: Francesco Barosi, AlixPartners, Managing Disruption through Structural Change
Harnessing Complexity

Insight: Opportunity Knocks
Video: Steve Mauer, AlixPartners, Harnessing Complexity in Asia
Mastering Globalization

Insight: Creating Value Amid Global Disruption
Video: Steve Beauregard, CEO of GoCoin, The Transformation of Global Commerce

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