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Voilà Chocolat “Chocolate Bond” Issue #1


Dear friend of Voilà Chocolat,

Thanks to the support and patronage of thousands of people like you, we were able to launch an innovative chocolate business in 2014 and build a brand synonymous with fun and creativity. 
Business continues to grow. December 2016 was our strongest month yet — sales were up 70% year-on-year. We were featured in a WABC Channel 7 Holiday Special as one of the city’s top holiday destinations. And we’re already gearing up for our busiest holiday…Valentine’s Day!
We have big plans for the coming months: Opening more popup stores around NYC and constructing new Voilà Chocolat workshops where people of all ages can make beautiful confections and gather for memorable events. To expand, and to continue investing in our people and products, we’re constantly looking for creative ways to raise funds.
So here’s your opportunity to “invest” in a young, local company and participate in its growth! We’re issuing “Chocolate Bonds” — a fun and delicious way to support Voilà Chocolat’s expansion, while enjoying a very healthy “rate of return.”
Our Chocolate Bonds come in two denominations: $500 and $1,000. Voilà Chocolat will “repay” the bonds over 12 months by sending you a monthly package of fresh truffles, not-yet-in-market products, gift cards, and other delicious surprises by Master Chocolatier Christophe Toury. 
If you “invest” $500, you’ll receive $600 worth of chocolate in 12 monthly packages, each worth $50. A $1,000 bond will yield $1,200 in chocolate in 12 monthly installments. That’s 20% “simple interest” (or 16.7% “yield”, for the financiers among you) on your money! If you ever wish to receive your monthly installment in the form of an equivalent gift card, you will be able to do so. Each installment will also contain a story card (written by me) about the history and economics of chocolate, and an update on how your investment is being put to use. 
As a Chocolate Bond holder, you will be invited to exclusive educational and culinary events at our shop on the Upper West Side. You will also receive a 20% discount on all products, experiences and parties at any Voilà Chocolat location

Get in on the ground floor! To subscribe to this first issue of Voilà Chocolat Chocolate Bonds, please fill out this online form or simply reply to this email. This issue runs until February 28th, 2017, and we’re striving for 500 subscribers.

Compliments of Voilà Chocolat  – a member of the EACCNY