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Welcome to the 2017 edition of Vistra 2020

Since our last report, The New Normal, the world has undergone major geopolitical, geostrategic and economic shifts. The combined impact of these changes, as well as an eroding sense of confidence in ‘expert’ political or financial prognostication, all have swept away the idea of ‘normal’, and especially of a reliable status quo. If anything, the only thing predictable about world events these days is the unpredictability of their outcomes.

The effects of this uncertainty are playing out in the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services industry across the board.  This year’s report focuses on how these changes might unfold, and what their hypothetical consequences on the industry might be.

We will be launching this year’s report in a series of roundtables.  Click here for our roundtable schedule.

If you would like to obtain a soft copy of the 2017 Vistra 2020 report, please fill in the form here.


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