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Netherlands here we come again

EACC New York Member GRANITO has expanded once again, this time to actively assist companies, both in the US and Europe, to increase their business in the Netherlands.

With the addition of Attorney Johan De Flines, an international Dutch lawyer,  Granito’s Team is in a ready position to further aid its clients involved in cross-border business. The arrival of Avv. De Flines illustrates Granito’s goal to actively expand into those countries which can benefit corporations seeking to increase profits beyond their home borders, whether by expanding exports, contracts, merger and acquisitions, or remedial actions such as debt collection.

This addition is an expansion of Granito’s experience in the banking arena in Holland where in 2012 Intesa Sanpaolo tasked Granito with performing a compliance analysis and risk assessment for its foreign bank branches in Amsterdam, New York, Dubai and London.

In Amsterdam, Granito performed its mandate pursuant to Dutch Law, many sections of which are not available in alternate languages, as well as identifying cross-border legal requirements.

Granito welcomes those companies doing business in the Netherlands to grow globally with them in 2013.