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Nutri Ventures Corp. Seeds Its U.S. Licensing Program With Home Farmer

Animated Series Based Around Healthy Eating and Nutrition Sprouts Fun Grow-Your-Own-Food Program for Kids

NEW YORK (June 9, 2014) – Nutri Ventures Corp. and fast-growing seed company Home Farmer will team up to bring a fun, colorful line of backyard seeds and gardening accessories to kids in the first licensing initiative announced for NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS.

NUTRI VENTURES-branded broccoli, tomato, basil and cilantro seeds will be contained in kid-friendly, vibrantly colored bamboo pots to which kids will just add water to begin the growing process.  The seeds will be sold in more than 2,000 Walmart stores nationwide beginning in early 2015 – allowing seeds to germinate before the spring.

Each of the four varieties will include a 100% bamboo planting pot, soil pellet, and packet of commercial grade/high-quality/high-germination garden seeds. Packaging will feature one of the four main “Nutri-Heroes” – Theo, Ben, Lena and Little Nina – along with their accompanying “Guga” sidekicks, the stars of NUTRI VENTURES, which is among the most popular animated programs for kids aged 5 to 7 on Hulu and Hulu Kids, the series’ exclusive U.S. home.  In addition, NUTRI VENTURES and Home Farmer will create a Garden Tool Set ideal to teach kids about the basics of gardening and the pleasures – and advantages – of eating healthy food grown right in the backyard or on the windowsill.

“We can’t imagine a more perfect way to start our licensing program than to work with a company as innovative and creative as Home Farmer,” said Rui Lima Miranda, co-founder and managing partner of Nutri Ventures Corp., and producer of NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS.  “The distribution and marketing plans Home Farmer has for Nutri Ventures-branded seeds and gardening products continues to show the strength of Nutri Ventures in the American market.”

NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS made its exclusive U.S. debut on Hulu Kids in January.   A total of 29 episodes of NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS are available on Hulu Kids via the Hulu Plus subscription service, with 11 episodes available to watch for free on

“Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to ‘dig what they eat’ by using only top quality, high germinating seed” said Manny Silva, CEO of California-based Home Farmer.  “The growth and success of Nutri Ventures, and its core message of nutrition and healthy eating, is a perfect match for us. ”

Founded in 2012 on the central coast of California, Home Farmer began when two friends came together with the idea of bringing high-quality vegetable seeds to the home garden market.  With farming roots going back to the 1800s, they wanted to offer the same superior seeds that large commercial organic growers use for home farmers.  Selling to these large growers and doing thousands of experimental trials to find the ideal variety for each grower, they saw an opportunity to take all of their work and experience to simplify the home-gardening experience.

Home Farmer selects the top-performing varieties and uses only untreated seed with the highest germination rates available and disease resistance, ensuring that consumers have more amazing produce to harvest.  Home Farmer’s website,, offers video tutorials, how-to articles and detailed planting instructions, along with recipes to help all levels of gardeners “Dig What You Eat!”

NutriVentures is a member of the European American Chamber of Commerce, New York.