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Nutri Ventures Launches a Nationwide Innovative Educational Program

As part of its commitment to the Partnership for a Healthier America, Nutri Ventures presents the Nutri-Guardians project to make nutrition education more fun and effective.

NEW YORK CITY (Oct 21, 2014) – From now on, education and health professionals worldwide will have innovative tools, available for free, to introduce children aged 4 to 10 to the subject of healthy lifestyles and nutrition in a fun and exciting way.

Under the agreement announced during the Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) Building a Healthier Future Summit in March 2014, Nutri Ventures has developed the Nutri-Guardians Project (, a website offering free teaching materials on the subject of healthy eating and lifestyles. Based around the NUTRI VENTURES story and characters, the website offers educators, healthcare providers and caregivers the opportunity to use a range of materials including language, math and physical education worksheets, as well as videos, songs, and teaching aids for nutrition and diet health.

The educational materials available on are accessible for free download (or streaming), have been reviewed by specialists in health, nutrition, and education and have been developed in accordance with curriculum guidelines used in the United States.

Nutri Ventures Corp. works with ministries of education and health institutions in more than 28 countries internationally, as well as with the World Health Organization, and the results are very impressive: children who see and use the Nutri Ventures’ materials are much more willing to try new and healthy foods, and professionals feel they can positively influence their students’ and patients’ eating habits in a much more fun and lighter (yet more effective) way.

In the U.S. nearly 35 million children and 60,000 U.S. elementary schools will now have free access to NUTRI VENTURES episodes along with a range of educational material.

“In the week the U.S. celebrates Food Day (24th Oct), we are very proud to launch a program that will contribute to improving nutrition and health education and making it more fun for kids, families, and professionals.” said Rui Lima Miranda, co-founder and CEO of Nutri Ventures Corp. “Fighting childhood obesity is an urgent matter, and our Nutri-Guardians will provide teachers, families, and professionals the engaging tools to educate children around the theme of healthy eating”.

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Common Sense Media, the leading independent not-for-profit review site for parents  and  families,  has  given  NUTRI  VENTURES:  THE  QUEST  FOR  THE  7 KINGDOMS its highest possible rating: 5 stars. “Kids will have so much fun watching the characters’ adventures that they won’t realize they’re learning at the same time… Ultimately this series boasts an exciting story, positive heroes, and a wealth of educational value in its ‘nutritional’ content.” Common Sense Media wrote in its five-star review.

NUTRI  VENTURES’  episodes  and  songs  made  their  U.S.  debut  in  January  2014 exclusively on Hulu Kids ( and now have more than 1.7  million unique views,  making NUTRI VENTURES:  THE  QUEST  FOR  THE  7 KINGDOMS among the 20% most watched shows for kids on that digital-television platform.

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