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NY Grant Company can help you take energy costs out of your business…

The NYS Energy Research and Development Authority has created programs that offer incentives for both new construction and existing facilities that meet specific energy efficiency standards. Additionally, the NY Power Authority is offering lower cost electricity to businesses and Not-for-Profit Corporations that plan to expand operations in the State.


New Construction Program (NCP):

Provides technical assistance and financial incentives for energy-efficient electric equipment installations in new and substantially renovated commercial and industrial buildings. Up to $16M in funding available.

• New buildings or space within a new building
• Substantial renovations to existing buildings where the space has been, or will be, vacant for at least 30 consecutive days; or where there is a change of use (e.g. warehouse or office)

Exisiting Facilities Program (EFP):

Offers several economic incentives to offset the cost of installation of energy efficiency improvements in existing commercial facilities. Up to $12M in funding available.

Eligible Facility Upgrades:
• Electric and Natural Gas Efficiency
• Energy Storage
• Demand Response (DA)
• Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

ReCharge New York:

Promotes job creation and retention through providing lower coast electricity to businesses and Not-for-Profit Corporations that have plans to expand in or move to NYS. Up to 910MW available.

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Note: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; however, funds are always limited, and programs are often over-subscribed, so it’s all first-come-first-served, and we recommend that anyone with a project which might benefit from energy-related grants and incentives apply ASAP.  Also, these are true “incentives,” so that once a project is already started or underway or completed, then the incentive disappears, and it’s too late.

The New York Grant Company  is a member of the EACC.