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RESIST anti-corruption tool launched

Paris, 12 December 2011
ICC has launched a German version of the training toolkit Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions (RESIST), which provides practical guidance for company employees on how to prevent or respond to inappropriate demands.

Resist: Anti-Corruption Tool
The German version of the toolkit was launched on 9 December by ICC Germany, the German Global Compact Network and Transparency International Germany on the occasion of World Anti-Corruption day.RESIST is aimed at companies operating internationally and exposed to solicitation risks. The training tool targets in particular small- and medium-sized enterprises as they are more likely to face challenges to counter corruption than bigger corporations.“Practical support for companies to confront the challenge of solicitation and bribery is scarce,” said Angelika Pohlenz, Secretary General of ICC Germany. “RESIST is the only anti-bribery training toolkit developed by companies for companies and fills the gap by providing guidance for company employees on how to prevent or respond to inappropriate demands.”Peter von Blomberg, Vice-Chair Transparency International Germany said: “With its 22 real life scenarios, RESIST demonstrates how companies and employees should prepare for and respond appropriately to dilemma situations in their international operations. By examining these concrete situations and possible options, they will know better how to prevent corruption in the future.”The toolkit is available in several languages including French, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish.