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Roland Garros Sports a Moving New Audible Identity

The French Open is followed by 3 billion viewers around the world. In order to express the mythic stature of the tournament, The French Tennis Federation turned to EACCNY member Sixième Son. “We analyze what the brand aims to accomplish,” said Laurant Cochini, Director of Client Services for Sixième Son, “The musical creation becomes the brand’s identity.”

The main challenge presented to Sixième Son was to create a sound identity that encompassed The French Open’s Latin roots while remaining unique and identifiable. Ultimately, the finished product was a huge success, and its adaptation to the award ceremony created the longest standing ovation in the history of the event.

The tearful 2014 French open champion, Rafael Nadel, said of his winning experience, “To receive this trophy, with this magnificant audience who has supported me and with this incredible music was a powerful and emotional moment for me.”

The now-popular musical score, owned and associated with The French Tennis Federation won the 2014 Grand Prize of Design Strategies, in musical design. This marketing tool has been an instant success and will continue to be so for years to come.

To see and hear what Sixième Son created for the French Tennis Federation, click here.

EACC member Sixième Son is Europe’s premier audio branding agency. They have created 350 audio universes for companies and venues around the world. Every day more than 1 billion people hear at least one of the agency’s creations. Since arriving in the US, they have created audio identities in the travel, pharmaceutical, hospital, luxury skin care and education categories.

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