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Statement by Ambassador Michael Froman Following Meeting with European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström

We have an opportunity to work together for a fresh start to the negotiations and we are off to a good beginning.

The United States is committed to moving forward with T-TIP as soon as we can and as fast as we’re able. T-TIP can make a major contribution towards underscoring that the transatlantic relationship is second to none at a time of geopolitical uncertainty around the world. We very much look forward to working with Commissioner Malmström and her colleagues toward that objective.”

At the closing of last week, US Trade Representative Michael Froman met with European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in Brussels, Belgium to discuss their future cooperation on TTIP. It was their first face-to-face meeting since the new Commission took office in early November.

In response to their meeting, Commissioner Malmström tweetedConvinced we can achieve a good agreement on TTIP,  beneficial to our economies and citizens in EU and US.

“Their meeting was preceded by a discussion between Commission President Juncker and President Obama in the framework of the G20 in Australia earlier this month. A follow up of this meeting is set for the second week of December when Commissioner Malmström will visit Washington DC to continue her talks with Ambassador Froman.

Make sure you follow both US Trade Representative Michael Froman @MikeFroman and  Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström @MalmstromEU on Twitter to stay tuned about their cooperation on TTIP!


Moving forward with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Cecilia Malmstrom and Carlo Calenda © EU

21/11/2014 | Business / External relations and foreign affairs

At a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council on trade issues, the Council confirmed its determination to conclude an agreement with the US as soon as possible.