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Stylewhile offers inspiration for online shopping

Online fashion shopping sprees can result to clothing piling in your drawers that don’t either fit or match together. Does this sound familiar? Stylewhile,  a Finnish fashion startup and EACCNY member, offers a solution to make online shopping easier more succesful by creating a virtual fitting room. Now, the company is in search of business partners to cooperate with in the United States.

Jutta Haaramo & Mika Marttila

“Stylewhile enables users to virtually try on clothes they are interested in buying on a model with a body similar to their own. In addition, you can piece together outfits”, says Jutta Haaramo, CEO of Stylewhile.  Upcoming fall the company is taking the next step in expanding by launching an iPad app in the Apple Store.

Vast market potential

In the United States, online shopping is a profitable business. For Stylewile, the aim has always been the US market where market penetration is challenging, but not impossible.

“It has been estimated that online shopping will be a $26 million business by 2015. There exists vast potential for us, and there are possibilities for innovations like ours”, Haaramo explains.

Stylewhile on ipad

The target group is women 25-50 years of age that buy clothes online. “Our aim is to make an excellent app that could be found from the iPads of these women.”

A while for yourself

Haaramo considers Stylewhile as pastime: “We hope that Stylewhile will be a fun and useful fashion app for women that help to find the right outfits to wear. It’s an alternative for Facebook and fashion blogs.”

The five different-sized models make Stylewhile suitable for everyone. ”It helps to picture what the clothes will look on you, and you can piece together whole outfits, even add accessories.”

Haaramo started her career in the gaming industry, and wanted to transfer the same kind of refined user experience used in games to fashion. Stylewhile utilizes the existing images of online shops, and if the shopper ends up buying the item of clothing, Stylewhile gets a share of the price. For users, it is completely free.

The clothing selection Stylewhile carries, as fashion in general, is in constant change. “We choose carefully whose products we want to present. We want to keep it classic and simple for the American taste.”


In search of fashion connections

As many other Finnish startups, Stylewhile gained momentum from the Aalto University’s Start-Up Center. Stylewhile was launched in the beginning of the year 2013 and now that operations are up and running the company is looking for fashion partners to cooperate with.

“Our focus is now on marketing, on where and with whom to make ourselves visible. We are also looking for fashion brands and stylists to work with”, Haaramo states.  Haaramo explains that fashion and online magazines, for instance, are the desired partners.

The Stylewhile team of four people is ready for a broader audience: “We warmly welcome all interested parties to get in touch with us”, points out Haaramo.

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