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SUNY New Paltz Students Seeking Spring Internship Opportunities

EACCNY Member SUNY New Paltz  is seeking full time placements from March 18 through May 8, 2013 (students need a minimum of 32 hrs. /week, 40 is preferred).  They are able to work for academic credit and/or compensation with their J1 Intern visa.

Timeline: The students arrive in mid-January to the New Paltz campus.  They are ready for interviews starting in early February, and can be in your NYC office with a days notice.

Majors: New Paltz has a diverse group of young professionals whose internship interests include: advertising, branding,  communications, event planning, fashion, HR, management, marketing, media, not for profit, and public relations.

New Paltz university appreciates your desire to help students gain experience in your career field and/or organization, and strives to make the process as easy as possible to host an IIB intern.   The internship coordination team works hard to make the internship process smooth so you can focus on working with an intern and not on filling out endless paperwork.

If you have an opening for an internship and wish to reach out to a New Paltz student please reach out to Jeff Pollard the Internship Coordinator listed below.  Having someone come to your organization FULL TIME for approx. 300 hours in the spring can add real value to your unit. The students all have NYC housing lined up for their internships, and are ready to learn and contribute to your organization.  Extending their internship into summer months is also very popular among the spring class – so keep that in mind.

Jeff Pollard | Institute for International Business State University of New York at New Paltz
Voice: (845) 257-2903 |  |