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Tax Date: Monday 21 May: Commission presents annual Taxation Trends report

On 21 May, the European Commission will present the 2012 edition of its Taxation trends report. This report takes stock of the tax systems in the Member States, including extensive and comparable data on their tax structures and rates. The report will include for the first time key data on property taxes in all 27 Member States.

The background:

The Taxation trends report compiles tax indicators that allow comparison of the tax systems and tax policies between EU Member States. It offers a breakdown of tax revenues raised either from consumption, labour or capital. It also contains data on energy taxation and on the top rates for personal and corporate income taxes. Its country chapters give an overview of each of the 27 EU countries covered, their revenue trends and recent tax policy changes. The data published in the Taxation trends report will also feed into the Country Specific Recommendations which will be published by the Commission at the end of May.

The event:

A technical briefing on the main results of the Report will be organised on Monday 21 May 2012 in the press room of Berlaymont Building at 11:00 by experts from the European Commission.

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