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THE ECONOMIST: THE NEXT SUPER MODEL – Why the world should look at the Nordic countries

In its latest Special Report, the international affairs weekly The Economist touts the success the Nordic countries have had in reinventing their model of capitalism – the next supermodel.

In a series of articles on welfare, immigrants, business, entrepreneurship and creativity, the weekly explores how Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark have “unleashed a huge amount of creativity and become world leaders in reform.” Denmark is among other things praised for having one of the most liberal labour markets in Europe and for being a pioneer of the intelligent state basing its policies on choice and competition rather than paternalism and planning.

The Nordic countries – The Economist has it – have reached the future first and are grappling with problems that other countries too will have to deal with in due course, as it were. Adapting the Nordic model, however, is not something that can be done overnight, as the current success of the Nordics in government comes from a combination of difficult geography and benign history that have provided Nordic governments with two powerful resources: trust in strangers and belief in individual rights.

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To download a PowerPoint presentation from the Danish Ministry of Employment with background information on the Danish labour market, employment policy, flexicurity, statistics and more, please click here (MFA intranet)

For additional facts and figures, missions may also refer to a similar report produced by the think tank Monday Morning in December of 2012 – The Nordic Model