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The Top 10 Myths About TTIP

“Europe faces big challenges. These include kick-starting our economy. Adapting to the rise of emerging econo mies outside Europe. Or maintaining our influence in the world. TTIP could help. At home, it could generate jobs and growth, cut prices when we shop and offer us more choice. And it would boost our influence in the world – by helping us to attract more investment, set high standards in global trade, and protect our values.” –  Cecilia Malmström 

The European Commission released a document highlighting the top ten myths about TTIP. By presenting each myth individually, the report presents the true facts as to what TTIP would really bring about in terms of standards, food safety, tariffs, government regulation, public services, cultural diversity, and many more topics.

In fact, TTIP would uphold EU standards including food safety standards, while tightening up the existing system for settling disputes between foreign firms and governments. Moreover, TTIP will respect Europe’s distinctive and diverse cultural industries while fostering sustainable development. (download the document here: Europa)


Trade and Investment Barriers Report 2015
“Our strategic partners continue to maintain a variety of significant trade and investment barriers which are often difficult to tackle. In the current overall challenging context of economic uncertainty and considerable political tensions, there is a great risk that many of these barriers will persist and new barriers will be established, to the detriment of all.”

The EU’s Trade and Investment Barriers Report, presented last Thursday, notes that despite prospects of global recovery, trade and investment barriers persist. Many of the EU’s strategic partners (Russia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States) maintain a number of barriers that significantly hinder international trade and investment opportunities of EU companies. (Download the report here: European Commission)