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Top 10 Considerations for Trusts & Estate Planning in Light of President Obama’s Proposed 2015 Budget

The President has released his annual ‘Greenbook’. This book outlines his budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year. Although not all the items in the book make it into the final budget, they provide a clear window to view the policies that he intends to push for the year. The proposals for Estate and Gift Tax contain several items that could significantly affect one’s ability to pass assets to loved ones in a tax-efficient manner.

Join McManus & Associates on Tuesday April 22nd at 12:00pm noon to learn about our ten major talking points taken from President Obama’s budget proposal. You may access the briefing by dialing (800) 747-5150 and then entering the passcode 8980100#.

> What is the purpose and significance of President Obama’s Greenbook for your estate plans? Unveiling the 2015 Budget proposals.
> What is the latest attack on dynasty trusts? How might a 90-year limitation on GST exemption for trusts change your planning?
> Do you have your life insurance policies in trust? Tax free gifts to cover premium payments could be in trouble.
> Who will choose your executor if you have not named anyone? Maybe the IRS.
> What we love about the additional gift of tax coverage allowed for by the grantor trust, and what the president hopes to achieve that will deprive you of that opportunity.
> Why do we suggest GRATs with short terms, overlapping GRATs and hedging with life insurance?
> The so-called “permanent” exemptions could vanish in 2018. Give now in trust.
> Does your estate consist largely of interest in closely-held businesses? What does the Estate tax lien and IRC Section 6166 election mean for you.
> The advantage of making gifts now to take valuation discounts and preserve more of your assets is on the chopping block.
> The president advanced ideas that will not even raise revenue, but create complications for Health, Education exclusion trusts. How will this affect you?

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