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TTIP On Track

There are differences. If there weren’t there wouldn’t be a negotiation. And this certainly is a negotiation. Which means that it’s following the pattern of a negotiation. And that pattern is that you don’t solve everything at the beginning and you leave the hard things for the end. For any diligent student that’s a bit counter-intuitive. But we know it’s the way things work. And it makes our task very clear.” –  Cecilia Malmström

Commissioner Malmström gave remarks on the progress of TTIP negotiations at a workshop in Brussels organized by Breugel. She gave an overview of where TTIP negotiations stand today and expressed optimism about their prospects. Malmström highlighted the challenges facing TTIP negotiations, namely that the two largest economies in the world were not used to making many compromises, while also pointing out that TTIP was worth the effort, economically and strategically. (Europa)


Speech: Open Markets and European Recovery
“Europe is good at many things, which is why we are the largest exporter in the world. Thirty million people in Europe are employed in making our exports of goods and services. Just under 900 thousand of them are in Sweden.” – Cecilia Malmström 

The role of EU trade policy in the recovery of the European economy was the central topic of the Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, where Commissioner Malmström made a speech on Friday March 13. She argued that trade was central to Europe’s long term prosperity and than an up-to-date trade strategy was essential to deliver on its promise.(Europa)