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Why Retailers Should Start Thinking Like Netflix

Retailers share a common conundrum. On average, 1% of consumers who visit an online retail website actually purchase a product. This means that 99% of potential shoppers get lost in the Internet ether, according to Oracle.

Turning the situation around is easier than you might think. About 45% of Internet users watch at least one video per month indicating that many retailers have a video-centric audience they didn’t even know existed.

These dynamics serve as context for a new paper entitled, “Why Retailers Should Start Thinking Like Netflix”. The paper is written by EACC member Sally O’Dowd, CEO of communications company Sally On Media; and Matt Babineau, VP of operations of video e-commerce company TVPage. Interested in boosting sales through video-centric e-commerce strategies?

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Whitepaper provided by EACC member Sally On Media.

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