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Time for Action: T-TIP and Global Leadership

Remarks by Ambassador Michael Froman at the Munich Security Conference | February 12, 2016 | Munich, Germany   Since its first meeting over 50 years ago, the Munich Security Conference has changed in many ways. It has grown from what was called a “transatlantic family meeting” into a truly global gathering. Discussions once limited to strategic studies have expanded to include experts on energy, technology, health and other areas. You’ve even opened your doors to trade ministers. To a certain degree, these...
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New report shows New York exports are critical to US jobs

The U.S. Department of Commerce report on  Jobs Supported by State Exports 2014 economic brief indicates that goods exported from New York supported 389,957 jobs in 2014 – an increase of 27,919 (7.7%) from 2009. Nationally, record exports of U.S. goods and services supported 11.7 million jobs in 2014. The Office of the United States Trade Representative have put together a booklet highlighting the importance of international trade while speaking to the companies who have benefitted from accessing a global market. The...
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Bernd Lange on TTIP: “If there is no ambitious deal on the table, there is no deal”

Trade agreements can affect anything from employment to migration, so no wonder that people are interested in them. On 3 February our Facebook fans had the chance to ask Bernd Lange, the chair of the international trade committee, all about them during a chat. The German member of the S&D group, who is also in charge of drafting Parliament's position on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), managed to answer more than 60 questions on trade agreements such as...
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TTIP – A Chance for SME’s

Remarks by Anthony L. Gardner the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union at the European Parliament | January 26, 2016 Thank you to Dr. Heitz and SME Europe for the invitation to participate in this timely and important discussion today. SMEs lie at the heart of what we are seeking to achieve in TTIP. More and more European SMEs are speaking out in favor of what a transatlantic free trade agreement could mean for them. Here are just a few examples: From...
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Progress on Trade and the Need for Debate

Speech 14 January 2016 | Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Trade, European Commission | Welt Economic Summit, Berlin Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to be here with you today to talk about trade. Your companies are major exporters, importers and foreign investors. So you understand how important international trade is for the European economy in general … and for the jobs of the people who work in your companies in particular. I'm looking forward to hearing your views. But since we are meeting...
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All MEPs to have access to all confidential TTIP documents

All Members of the European Parliament will have access to all categories of confidential documents relating to the EU’s Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) talks with the USA, under a European Parliament/European Commission agreement approved by the College of Commissioners on Wednesday. The accessible documents will include the so-called “consolidated texts”, which reflect the US position. “Eleven months of negotiations with the Commission have paid off. The result is a big win for the European Parliament – all MEPs...
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EU Commission Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers: New Regulation on Novel Food

New novel food Regulation has been agreed today. The new novel food Regulation that has been agreed today, aims to improve conditions so that businesses can more easily bring new and innovative food to the EU market, while still maintaining a high level of food safety for European consumers. It will offer European consumers the benefit of a broader choice of food and a more favourable environment for Europe's agri-food industry – the second largest employment sector in Europe –...

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