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European Commission: TTIP Round 9 – Final Day

“This week we have also stepped up our work in the rules area. We consider that an important element of TTIP should be the development of rules, not only to govern our bilateral trade relationship, but also to contribute to global rules and standards in areas such as competition, energy and raw materials or sustainable development, to name a few.” – EU Chief Negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero

The Chief Negotiator for the European Union, Ignacio Garcia Bercero, outlined the main areas of progress throughout the most recent week of the ongoing TTIP negotiations. In the area of regulatory cooperation and rules, the negotiators worked on issues of horizontal cooperation like technical barriers to trade.

In addition, they discussed regulations pertaining to specific sectors such as cars, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Bercero stressed that horizontal cooperation would only happen in areas where regulators consider cooperation to offer efficiency gains compared to the current regulatory regime. He added that regulatory cooperation as a result of TTIP would not violate the regulatory sovereignty of the EU. (More here: European Commission)