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Former Ambassadors Support TTIP, TPA In Letter To Congressional Leadership


“As senior officials in the transatlantic relationship, former US Ambassadors to European countries, the European Union, and NATO who served under Republican and Democratic administrations, each of us has witnessed first-hand the tremendous diplomatic, economic, and security benefits that transatlantic relations bring the United States.” – 17 former US Ambassadors

In their letter to Congress, the former Ambassadors urge the lawmakers to pass the new TPA bill and push for a quick and successful completion of TTIP. The Ambassadors argue that TTIP would be a boon for the already strong transatlantic trade relationship, while also reinforcing strong labor, environmental. and consumer protections on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition, they note that TTIP would give the EU and the US an opportunity to shape the global trade rules of the future and bolster Western values in a changing world.

View the letter in its entirety here.