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Recent EU Trade Figures

The EU has become deeply integrated into global markets.

The openness of our trade regime has meant that the EU is the biggest player on the global trading scene and remains a good region to do business with.


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Trade flows (€bn)Year-on-year growth (%)EU28 merchandise trade with Extra-EU28ImportsExportsBalance% Imports growth% Exports growthJun14-May15Jul14-Jun15Aug14-Jul15Sep14-Aug15Oct14-Sep15Nov14-Oct15Dec14-Nov15Jan15-Dec15Feb15-Jan16Mar15-Feb16Apr15-Mar16May16 -Apr16Jun15 -May16-500 €bn0 €bn500 €bn1000 €bn1500 €bn2000 €bn-5 %0 %5 %10 %15 %20 %

EU28 merchandise trade with Extra-EU28